Fully automatic unit for recovery, vacuum and recharge

  • Aimed to a particular segment of the market, the manufacturing of busses and coaches, which is in constant development and consequently needs instruments with specific technical features
  • Equipped with a 40 lt tank and supported by a compressor for heavy duties such as the refrigerant recovery and a 150 l/min vacuum pump allowing to obtain a pressure of 0,040 mbar
  • LCD display with instructions in 13 languages
  • Full automatic operations
  • Standard data base
  • Standard printer
  • Automatic leak detection
  • Electronic scale for: gas, exhausted oil, new oil, tracer
  • 24-bit analogue to digital converter for maximum precision and accuracy
  • 300 cm standard pipes

Technical Data

Vacuum pump170 l/min
Vacuum6 x 10-2 mbar
Recovery rate400 g/min
Storage cylinder40 l
Gas scale resolution+/- 10 g
Oil scale resolution+/- 1 g
Charging hoses300 cm
Sizes45 x 95 x 127 cm
Suitable for refrigerantR134a
Weight / Gross weight127/135 kg
Voltage0,33 kW – 1 ph
230V/50 Hz