About us

Werther International is a really dynamic company, which has been working for more than 40 years in the automotive service equipment and air compressor field. We have our manufacturing facilities in the North of Italy, with more than 15.000 m² of covered surface. Werther International has different divisions, each responsible for manufacturing a specific line of products:

  • Garage equipment
  • Wheel service equipment
  • Silent and oilfree dental compressors
  • Hobby compressors

The quality of its products is guaranteed by the experience acquired in the field, and by the following aspects:

  • Operational units in Italy, France, United Kingdom, Spain, USA and Poland with distributors in nearly 150 countries
  • A R&D department, taking care of new products, testing, certification and any technological improvement
  • Our own production based on tecnologically oriented suppliers and advanced quality control system (3 factories in Italy with 200 employees and a covered surface of 45.000 m²)

Werther International has established a leading position in manufacturing of above mentioned product lines and has gained a worldwide reputation also as a OEM partner of others manufacturers in different Countries of the world.