AC 930.15.CO

Automatic unit for recovery, vacuum and recharge

  • LCD display with instructions available in 13 different languages: italian, english, french, spanish, german, portuguese, turk, polish, hungarian, dutch, swedish, russian, estonian, serbian and croatian
  • Full automatic operations
  • Data bank as a standard
  • Automatic control of leaks
  • 12 liters tank
  • Electronic gas scale
  • 180 cm pipes as a standard
  • Top precision thanks to its 24 bit analogical digital converter

Technical Data

GasR 134-A
Vacuum pump3 CFM
Vacuum4X10¯² mbar
Compressor power0,33 kW
Stockage cylinder12 lt
Resolution gas scale10 g
Recovery rate330 g/min
Charging hoses180 cm
Dimensions42 x 53 x 107 cm
Weight72 kg
Display2 x 16 LCD
Gauges63 mm
Leakage detection
Cylinder gauges
Voltage1 ph
230V/50 Hz