301 – 301/32

3,0 – 3,2 t

Electro-mechanical asymmetric lift with chain drive

  • Lift with self supporting base for easier installation on poor quality floor surfaces
  • Pads with a min. height of 90 mm only. Three stage short and long arms enabling the asymmetric loading of wide and longer vehicles in extended position: recommended for the lifting of off-road vehicles
  • High resistance chain transmission, pre-stretched, with control safety device upon looseness
  • Permanent and automatic screw lubrication
  • Specially manufactured high performing motor fitted with overheating & overload protection switch
  • Operation: electro-mechanical

Technical Data

Capacity3.000 kg (301)
3.200 kg (301/32)
Weight565 kg (301)
700 kg (301/32)
Lifting/lowering55 s
Lifting height1890 mm
Motor4,5 kW – 3 ph
230-400V/50 Hz