LTW75 – LTW85 – LTW100

7,5 – 8,5 – 10 t

Mobile columns

  • Electro-mechanical system with spindle-nut-assy
  • ZELLAMID bearing nut and bronze safety nut
  • PLC-control unit
  • Electronic alignment control
  • Control unit on main post (separate control cabimet on trolley as option)
  • Up/down button on each column
  • Emergency stop on all posts

Technical Data

Capacity7.500 kg (LTW75)
8.500 kg (LTW85)
10.000 kg (LTW100)
Stroke1750 mm
Lifting/lowering220 s (LTW75)
220 s (LTW85)
250 s (LTW100)
Tyre dimensions900-1200 mm (LTW75)
900-1200 mm (LTW85)
1000-1300 mm (LTW100)
Voltage3 ph
230-400V/50 Hz
Electrical power1,85 kW (LTW75)
1,85 kW (LTW85)
3 kW (LTW100)
Connecting column cable lenght12 m
Index of protection IP (STD execution)IP54
Weight320 kg (LTW75)
320 kg (LTW85)
440 kg (LTW100)
Electronic synchronization
Safety device under fork obstacle
“Dead man” control push buttons
Steering drawbar