Easy demounting and mounting electro-hydraulic tyre changer for trucks, buses and industrial vehicles tubed or tubeless, with groove rim and split ring rim

  • Double speed self-centring chuck (5-10 rpm)
  • For tube and tubeless-type tyres from 14″ to 46″ diameters (56″ with optional extensions)

Technical Data

Rim diameter14″ – 46″
56″ (Optional)
Max. wheel diameter2300 mm (90″)
Max. wheel width1065 mm (41″)
Max. wheel weight1500 kg
Motor of hydraulic pump1,1 kW
Gear motor1,3-1,8 kW
Feeding tension (3 phase)400V – 3 ph – 50Hz
Bead breaking force15600 N (1630 kg)
Operating pressure0-130 bar